John Marco

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Over the last decade, I’ve worked extensively on large projects involving virtual machine management cloud provisioning, with a strong focus on software defined network provisioning. However, being an “old school” engineer, I get to speed very quickly on anything I’m working on. I have broad skills and experience over the years and have a reputation among my co-workers as an adept fire fighter / problem solver.

I’m a system and network software engineer with 25 years of experience interested in working with leading edge cloud and virtualization technologies to produce real world solutions for today’s business and industrial computing needs.

My recent experience includes design and implementation at Intuit of key subsystems of an internal self-service cloud provisioning system using VMWare products. At Novell, I designed and built a number of key components of a distributed virtualization and cloud provisioning system for managing multiple technologies including VMWare, Xen, KVM, and AWS. Systems programming, distributed systems, networking, and in particular, software defined virtual networking are particular specialties of mine.

For more than ten years, I’ve worked remotely as part of geographically distributed teams from my home office in Albuquerque, and strongly prefer to remain here. I’m a very experienced and “low maintenance” telecommuter and road warrior, and have plenty of flexibility and a willingness to travel if and when it is necessary. I maintain my own office and local equipment specifically for work. Distributed software development is my “normal”, though I’m equally comfortable working face to face both with coworkers and with clients and customers. I also have a passport and keep it up to date.